Anita Berg latex vacuum bed 100 x 200 cm

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Anita Berg latex vacuum bed 100 x 200 cm 

Anita Berg AB4892 latex vacuum bed 100 x 200 cm 

For a fetish bedroom!

The tough fans of the scene will be amazed by the Anita Berg piece of furniture. The amazing vacuum bed offers a unique experience ... All-encompassing darkness, a touch of cool latex and a vacuum that you can create yourself. In such conditions, having fun in love is a very extreme experience. The bed with the dimensions 100 x 200 cm consists of a plastic frame and a black, tightly closable 3-way zipper. In the latex layer there are 2 small holes that allow a controlled air intake (approx. 90 cm high and approx. 117 cm). The bed also allows you to create a full vacuum by connecting the outlet of the vacuum cleaner to a special end in the bowl. Zipper length: 150 cm.

NOTE: The bed is not 100% sealed after disconnecting the air extractor to avoid strangulation of the user. It is not a production defect , it is for YOUR safety!

Anita Berg Collection

  • Size: Universal
  • Material: 100 % LateX
  • Material thickness: 0,4 mm
  • Free color choice : Black, Red, Transparent
  • Shipping time: 2 -4 weeks after receipt of money